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The furrower is an agricultural machine suspended from a tractor’s three-point linkage (TPL), used for mechanically covering of silage heaps and storage mounds with soil.

The main element in the machine is a steel plate, which is rotated by the power take-off (PTO) shaft. On the plate there are four knives (they cut the earth and grass) and four blades (they throw earth onto the mound). Thanks to the cutting knives, the machine does not clog up or throw clods that that could perforate the film. The working depth is adjusted by means of a hydraulic jack. The furrower has the facility to determine the height of the soil ejection by means of an adjustable cover.

With the furrower, covering takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on the size and length of the mounds/heaps. The machine easily handles heaps as high as 3 m and as wide as 24 m.

The S595 is the so-called basic version, while the VARIIS is the reinforced version. There are two differences between the models in the components of the machine. First, in the construction of the spreader plate in the basic version the throwing blades are made of a single flat bar, in the reinforced version – of a double flat bar. The second difference is the bearing housings mounted on the furrower shaft. The S595 uses cast-iron bearing housings, while the reinforced model uses steel.

Rotations of PTO
max. 540
Drive motor output
min. 25
Transportation speed
Up to 30
Working speed
Up to 6
Approx. 110
Working width
Working depth
4 x single
Bearings mounting
Cast iron
Tractor class
6 – 9

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