Feed pusher – Model P

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Heaping up the feed onto the feed table is one of the most-important operations of a Total Mixed Ration (TMR)-based feeding system. Often, the TMR is heaped up manually, and, when there is a lot of other work to be done (e.g. during the sowing or harvesting season), it is often overlooked. However, frequent feed heaping in a 24-hour TMR-based feeding system is essential to maintain herd health and productivity. Manual heaping is very laborious in the case of large herds, so we present the facility to mechanise this operation.


The feed pusher is a tool that significantly speeds up the everyday work of cattle farmers. The machine is used to heap up the feed onto the feed table. It is adjustable for right- or left-sided operation by a hydraulic actuator.


The Company's range includes machines adapted for loaders or suspended on the rear TPL of the tractor’s tools.


Model P
Transportation speed
Up to 30
Working speed
Up to 12
Approx. 80 without tyre
Working width
Depending on the tyre diameter
Tractor’s hydraulic-pump output

* The tire is not included in the equipment of the machine.

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